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Malachite is a mineral from the carbonate group,it's chemical formula is Cu2CO3(OH)2.It is found in oxidation zones of copper deposits.It is found worldwide and is used as jewelery mainly and smelting into copper.

1.Hardness:3.5-4 on the Moh scale.

2.Color:Green to dark green

3.Specific gravity:3.6-4

4.Cleavage:{201} Perfect,{010} Fair.

5.Habit:Stalctitic,massive,botryoidal.The habit of the crystals are prismatic,acicular and tabular.

6.Fracture:Subconchoidal to uneven.

7.Luster:Vitreous - Silky.

8.Streak:Light green

Some other properties that malachite shows are:

A.Diaphaneity:Translucent to opaque.
B.Crystal system:Monoclinic-prismatic.
C.Twinning:Penetration twinning and Polysynthetic twinning.